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Create & Edit Emails

  • Easy Drag and Drop email editor
  • A/B split testing
  • Gallery of responsive email templates
  • Customizable email ‘from’ field
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Save reusable email templates
  • Categorized template gallery
  • Social media integration
  • Custom HTML email editor
  • Email template import from a ZIP file or URL
  • Plain text email campaigns
  • Unique email subject line testing tool
  • Multiple languages support for email templates
  • Personalized email pre-header information
  • Include videos in email
  • Image library & editor
  • Free file storage
  • Email personalization using any subscriber information
  • RSS & XML-based email campaigns
  • Dynamic email content
  • Multi-user account access
  • Spam-Score test

Deliver Campaigns

  • Campaign scheduling with time and date
  • Geolocation subscriber targeting
  • Different email client previews on different devices
  • Time Match tool - delivery by time zone
  • Send campaigns in multiple languages
  • Send emails with embedded images
  • Abuse reporting with feedback loops
  • Secure email delivery
  • Whitelisted IP addresses
  • Sender domain authentication
  • Zero wait time to deliver emails
  • Industry leading email deliverability
  • ISP relationships and active whitelisting status


  • Behavior-based email automation series
  • Multiple triggers to start automation: signup, date, action, update
  • Conditional IF statements for advanced automation
  • Send email series based on time delay
  • Include SMS messages in your automation series
  • Add tags to subscribers which pass through the workflow

Contact List Management

  • Mail-merge personalization
  • Powerful web signup form builder for your website
  • Automatic customer profile updates
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe management
  • Bounced email management
  • Flexible import process
  • Upload lists via XLS, CSV or TXT file
  • Update already existing list
  • API subscriber synchronization
  • Subtract subscribers from existing list
  • Auto exclude duplicate subscribers
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • Customize the whole subscription process
  • Confirmed & single opt-in forms
  • Customize the unsubscribe process
  • Powerful segmentation based on activity
  • Export list in XLS or CSV

Reporting & Analytics

  • Real-time tracking and reporting
  • Number of emails received
  • Number of emails opened
  • 24h performance of opens
  • Detailed click tracking unique links vs. total
  • Individual subscriber engagement
  • TOP 5 most clicked links
  • TOP 5 Clicks by Email Domain
  • Click through rate in percentage (%)
  • Activity by devices and browsers
  • Webhooks
  • A/B test comparison
  • Custom click tracking domains
  • Geolocation of a subscriber
  • Unsubscribe email reports
  • Interactive chart reports
  • Bounced email reports
  • Spam complaint reports
  • Export all reports to Excel
  • Export all reports to PDF
  • Campaign report batch export

Email delivery & data security

  • Human approval process
  • ISP feedback loop integration
  • Support for DomainKeys and Sender ID
  • Smart bounce processing
  • Whitelisted at major ISP's
  • Email spam filters analysis
  • Strict permission policy
  • Comprehensive privacy policy
  • Multiple layers of data security
  • Constant blacklist monitoring
  • ISIP.com certification
  • Surety Mail certification
  • Norton Secured

Support and community

  • Comprehensive help system
  • Knowledge base
  • Online support via chat
  • Expert email design service
  • Free tips, resources and downloads
  • Free email templates
  • Phone support
  • Email marketing newsletters
  • Spam Act compliance system
  • Expert advice via blog articles

Online Surveys

  • Secure online surveys
  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Easy to create and share
  • Multiple survey templates
  • Multiple survey design options
  • Send survey invitations
  • Track and see results
  • Stored database of results
  • Automated segmentation based on answers
  • Export results in Excel and PDF

SMS Marketing

  • SMS delivery to more than 200 countries
  • Built in SMS customer management system
  • Subscription forms to build SMS lists
  • SMS campaign personalization
  • Create unique sender name
  • Send SMS in any language
  • Mobile marketing campaign reports
  • Automatic URL shortening and click tracking
  • Detailed SMS reports - clicks and delivery
  • Export reports in Excel and PDF
  • Google Analytics integration
  • SMS and email cross-channel integration

Multi-User Accounts

  • Collaborate with your team or service providers
  • Create new users with predefined permission scheme
  • Track sub-user activities
  • Create custom user permission levels
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