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Pop-ups and landing pages

Use free website pop-ups and landing pages to generate new leads and grow your Mailigen email subscriber list.

Privy is now connected to Mailigen, making it easy to use free website pop-up banners and landing pages to grow your Mailigen email list.

With Mailigen and Privy integration you can:

  • Grow email list with website widgets and pop-ups

Email contacts gathered via Privy’s widgets and pop-ups will automatically sync with your Mailigen email list. You can set up your pop-up's style, location and exit intent behavior to fit your website without touching a code.

  • Distribute list growth campaigns with landing pages

With Privy’s mobile-friendly landing pages you can distribute and track your list growth campaigns anywhere online. All you have to do is to add text, insert an image and set background to a template, and the new landing page is ready to be shared.

  • Track your email list growth in real time

Privy allows a deep understanding of how your Mailigen email list grows in real time. This means you can track which digital channels and offers are the best for generating leads.

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